Paris Map Story Uncovered – Omnic Revolution? – [Overwatch Theory] – Paris Video

published: 2019-02-01 02:09:03

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Paris Map Story Uncovered – Omnic Revolution? – [Overwatch Theory]

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  1. Hi gave the vid the first likely

  2. I think the thing under the cover Is a falsified painting or statue of anti omnic propaganda to get them anger at the humans

  3. Do people still play this game?? Lol

  4. Guys I thought of something that would be under that cover. It's not a painting…it's a case. Which is holding something to show off to the public. What would spark the Omnic revolution that would make them mad enough to riot? It's Modatta's body….On display for the world to see. He's a thing to the rich people who see Omnics as things.

  5. Hopefully we get more Omnic heroes.

  6. Under the sheet is Mondatta T-Posing in the same fashion as Jesus H Christ, and if Zenyatta passes by the display he will say "Hmm if only the Iris could withstand the power of Islam."

  7. Oh wow! Humans vs Omnics. Having the Omnics treated as minorities in the Overwatch Universe. How original. (Being sarcastic of course)


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