Paris – ROBLOX Music Video – Paris Video

published: 2017-03-04 17:52:34

I hope you guys enjoyed this music video!

I have some bad news… 🙁

One day I may have to take a break from YouTube it may be this month of the future coming up which will not be much.

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  1. What was that song at the end??? Please…

  2. You did a good job! Keep it up! 😀

  3. this song and video is amazing and sooo awesome

  4. Remember to enter the contest! 2 more days!! Also, please read desc. Lets get this to 70 likes in one day?? 😉 (go to my channel for the contest) JOIN THE GROUP! –

  5. Wow your rude. Forgot to credit the singer. (Its The Chainsmokers) very rude

  6. hey I was in you game is it ok if I play with you itsliliduhh h

  7. who else thought that he was naked at 1:36

  8. Hi itsliliduhh h I also have a youtube channel called kitty kitty38 and i was wondering if we can make a youtube video together let me know okay thanks.


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