TAZS WIG CLOSET review: *NEW* Rene Of Paris DAKOTA Creamy Toffee LR – Paris Video

published: 2018-02-25 13:33:00

This is a review of the new 2/1018 Dakota in Creamy Toffee LR. A sleek mid length beauty with fresh and modern appeal! Razored ends and face framing layers. XOXO TAZ

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Dakota by Rene of Paris Hi Fashion (NEW!)

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  1. Gorgeous!! Kai and this piece are my favorites in this new collection. This color is perfect on you.

  2. Dakota is Wow!!! She is beautiful. You look gorgeous Taz!! I loved the review, and I Thank you so much love xoxoxo

  3. Hi Taz.. is this the same creamy toffee in colour as the Noriko in Angelica?

  4. Thank you so much for another thorough review. This wig really appeals to me!

  5. Hi Taz, would you say Rene of Paris is a larger cap than say Noriko? I have a 22" head and my Jackson is definitely too tight.

  6. This is a gorgeous wig. I enjoy seeing all of the different styles and color wigs on you. All of the wigs look beautiful on you.

  7. Dear Taz – Thank you for reviewing this wig. This is exactly my bio hair and I would have never gathered that from the manufacturer picture which was in a silver fox color They tried to make the wig look trendy by putting it on a young model, but it did not capture the light feathery layering that your review did. I wish I could see Creamy Toffee and Melted Marshmallow side by side – am I right in thinking Creamy Toffee is the warmer of the 2 light blondes?( In the photo, MM seems warmer than toffee, see what I mean?) Note to manufacturers: you would sell more wigs if you showed all colors on models side by side in one picture – or even if they were on a mannequin head (there is another site that does this but not for all styles) I know that reviewers can't review all colors to do this, this is why you are my go to for styling and color. I won't even look at reviews that are in colors I would never wear. It's nothing personal, it's just a time saver. The ROH line now seems to have nailed the right tone for me over JR wigs. This Dakota might be a healthy update to my Zara look. Five star review my pretty. This one was amazing!

  8. Dakota looks very pretty on you. Love that color also! You are SO RIGHT in that the manuf. pics do not look anything like how you are presenting Dakota so it's really great that we have reviews like yours and others to see, otherwise, I'm sure some of us would just pass over a lot of these wigs. Your reviews are great! 🙂

  9. Wow, this hair looks so static ridden. It looks like it has alot of dry and frizzy fly aways. Completely turned me away from this. Maybe some silicone spray would help, IKN.

  10. Looks very similar to my old bio hair. Definitely interested in trying this one.

  11. Very natural style Taz…great comparisons. I love when you swing your head to show the movement..some wigs wouldn't move at all but its hard to tell that from photos.

  12. I love that color with the LR on you! It's a keeper in my book! Gorgeous style!


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