published: 2017-12-15 15:41:15

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  1. Never been so early! Have fun in Paris 😉

  2. Bonjour = hello
    merci = thank you
    l'addition s'il vous plait = the bill please

    you have to go to wild and the moon ->
    best area is 2nd arr
    best falafel is in les marais at this little stand out of a building
    by sorbonne or like that area there are many thrift shops where you pay for the weight of the clothes you buy
    on Ile saint – louis (if i remember correctly) there is BOMB ass Ice cream
    some days for going to Le Louvre is free for students if you have a student ID
    if you are going to any attractions BUY TICKETS ONLINE and you can skip the lines also many cool things are free on some sundays

    I think that's the like basics.I Used to live in Paris 🙂 and also I'd 100% buy that shirt 🙂 xx

  3. my nose is literally red alllll the time and people always comment so I feel you girl!!!

  4. I'm going to Japan and Korea in March and I can't sleep on planes either haha. Not excited for the flight

  5. I cannot wait for the vlogs!! Make sure to hangout along the Siene River at night! You'll meet the locals (that speak English) and it's so fun! There is a spot near the Seine River with Latin music and everyone dances, definitely something you have to see! I studied abroad in France over the summer! I have some vlogs on my channel from Paris with clips from by the river, we went there at night so it'd be at the end of the clip if you wanna see! Also I recommend the greyline hop on hop off busses! Easiest and cheapest way to go places throughout the day, they also give you headphones in English so you can learn about what you drive past!

  6. It’s so cool to think you’re from cuse and are in Paris. Star struckkk

  7. Little heads up: credit cards aren't accepted in most places around Europe, they usually only accept debit cards xD Hope you enjoy your trip to Paris! 😀

  8. Didn't Gretchen just get back from Paris…?!?!?

  9. I missed you yesterday! I'm going to be so sad when Vlogmas is over. 🙁

  10. Sleeping on planes is possible… sleeping well on planes is impossible.

  11. Yeah I have this thing where I like fall in love with the waiters lol and then everytime they come around I'm just laughing. Ughhh why why why

  12. The nose getting red thing is likely early rosacea. Vbeam laser can make it way better. You are so adorable

  13. what bag is that?? the purse in your luggage!

  14. Does anyone know where her suitcases are from?? So cute! Love the vlog Tasha 🙂

  15. Now in French McDonalds you mostly can only place orders on the machine and pay with them too

  16. ooooo where is that yellow rose sweater from


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