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published: 2017-12-07 00:29:39

Welcome to our 24/7 radio station! 

Le Mellotron is an independent online radio station based in a bar in Paris with an eclectic selection curated for and by music lovers. 

➫ We love you both online & offline as you can reach us on internet AND in our headquarters in Paris, 6 rue Beaurepaire in the vibrant 10th arrondissement. Don’t be shy and come see us when you are in Paris! It’s no secret that our studio is also a bar opened Monday to Sunday.

➫ We focus on roots classics and forward-thinking musicians from soul to beat music, from rhythm & blues to indie-pop, with everything in between: hip-hop, funk, folk, latin & brazilian beats, afro soul, jazz, reggae, oriental and electronic music. We aim at discovering future classics.

➫ In this livestream you’ll find something rare on the YouTube radio ecosystem: diversity, eclecticism and a very good chance to find this underrated track with the vibe you’ve been searching for a long time. 

➫ Crate-diggers, music lovers and everyone who is open to this world, welcome home!


✔ Current tracks playing: +8,500
✔ Genres: Soul • Hip Hop • Funk • Beats • Latin • Brazil • Afro Soul • Reggae • Oriental • Electronic …
✔ This selection is permanently kept updated by Le Mellotron team, so expect some new & unreleased music as well as dusty tracks freshly discovered in a vinyl collection.
✔ When you see the red box “Live now!” on the stream, it means that a real person (DJ, producer, live band…) is performing behind our decks.
You will see the name of the artist or the name of the radio show but not the playlist as it could be live music or personal collection. Thanks for your comprehension & enjoy the ride!


✅ Follow our stream directly on our website here: http://www.lemellotron.com/

❤️ If you appreciate, don’t forget to subscribe: http://bit.ly/2kX0Jo1

↪ Artist and song name are displayed in the bottom left corner of the video. 
↪ Sharing, liking and commenting on the stream really helps others discover so please help us out by doing so. 

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Le Mellotron – Global Music Radio From Paris


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