Let’s Play: Crusader Kings II — The Count of Paris — Ep 4 – Paris Video

published: 2017-11-14 14:00:01

Simply keeping Paris away from our own King is going to be a challenge at the start of this. Can our dynasty survive, spread, and prosper?
Check out the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs3acGYgI1-sdeBVxsojiMlD0sK9M07Bj

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  1. CK2 Bugs are always surprising

  2. The Assassins are so secret that their stronghold exists in an alternate reality.. 🙂

  3. Also I don’t think the rise of the assassins event fired yet. Your build seems really glitchy with events.

  4. Yes! Secret Shia family plotting to take the throne of France.
    This is amazing!

  5. Hell yeah, I'm really hooked on this series! Keep up the good work quill 😀

  6. This border gore makes me want to kms

  7. "It's easier to kill kids!" – Quill18 2017

  8. That's what you get for inviting a witch to be your court physician

  9. Did the king switch the whole kingdom to seniority?

  10. Sure get sick and "Seek treatment", that was all you were doing all night long.

  11. Hello Nurse! And also you should have just converted to Shia and declared a holy war on your king. Alahu akbar!

  12. Paris is considered the natural capital of France. That's why the King of France will always try to revoke it when he can. There are a few ways to prevent that: have revoking titles being outlawed all together (not easy to achieve), having the revoke title comitee law and the councilors like you, your liege being constantly at war, being powerful enough to discourage your liege from p*ssing you off, having a liege whose main title is neither King of France nor Emperor of Francia or being independent.

    And when you refuse to give up your title it will not be revoked automatically after you lose the following war.

    Also you might want to make your liege a person of special interest. This way you will be informed when something important happens to the realm.

  13. Wow I think this is the most surreal CK2 playthrough I've ever watched


    even more powerful than the secret twin assassin

  15. oh God, Assassin's Creed this B** 😀

  16. They revoke Paris because that's the de jure capital of France; the same happened to me on an England game, where I, the duke of York, had got the county with London and the king kicked me out and made it it's capital.

  17. "Austrasia was a territory which formed the northeastern section of the Merovingian Kingdom of the Franks during the 6th to 8th centuries. "

  18. Seeing as they look almost identical, I hope Quill doesn't mix up his lover and his rival.

    Could be awkward… "you're my lover not my rival."

  19. watch out, kebab France coming.

  20. The most bizarre thing I have watched in this game, ever…


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