Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on fire – Paris Video

published: 2019-04-15 21:31:38

A major operation is underway by Paris firefighters after a blaze broke out at the historic Notre Dame cathedral. Police have said the fire began accidentally and was linked to building work at the site
Notre Dame fire: major incident at historic Paris landmark


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  1. That's horrible. Good thing is no one's hurt.


  3. already watching russia today on tv….as result of watching is obviously an inside job, they will get a nice insurance claim out of this and be able to replace it with a is like the burning of the reichstag but without any culture

  4. My God there’s people dying in the world millions kids killed in the womb , and this building Hoggs all news every minute ,
    yes it’s a beautiful building with history , but my goodness it’s only a F building , yes let it be in news and give it the time it deserves , but my goodness you would think twin towers had just happened or the queen had died or
    summit , please put things in perspective
    Sorry for the building , but please give it a rest

  5. It breaks my heart seeing a great building set ablaze.

  6. So unfortunate, I was lucky enough to visit the notre dame, it’s such a beautiful icon in Paris. I hope they can save it.

  7. I wrote a poem about this

    This building, that we have adored,
    Since the start of time – or nearly.
    But now these flames, atop wooden boards,
    Dance so fast and freely.

    Bright red demons thrash about,
    Tearing down white marble,
    And children cry, and adults shout,
    As they watch the giant candle.

  8. now they have a nice spot to put up a Mosque

  9. I not understand how i can have respect to a muslim. They are destroying Christianity, they have zero respect to us so how i can have respect to them? But England, France and different west countries can't see this. Wake up Europe!

  10. Notre-dam, A treasure lost, A call to War, Pilgrim's, Kneel in Meditation, A thousand years of History, The ahes given to the four Winds. A Sader day was never seen by gentle folk, Couled Hooded Monks I pray with you. Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus.

  11. I can't really see what was feuling the fire having seen inside

  12. I'm very very sorry for our Gallic cousins across the English Channel. It was a fabulous building. Good luck rebuilding her.
    Much love from England.

  13. Who else is thinking about the Hunch back of Norte Dame

  14. To be replaced, with a super Mosque.

  15. For a city that should have been destroyed during WWII – this is pathetic.

  16. This is not an accidental fire, it is a special arson.
    100% this did Muslim rats.😡


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